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Inspection list- what to look out for when your tenant is moving in



Your house is ready for occupation. As a landlord or a property manager you have done all the necessary repairs and upgrades to your home in order to ensure that it is in good condition and appealing to a tenant. You Are now in luck because your efforts have paid off and you now have a new tenant.  Before handing over the house keys to the tenant, there are certain move-in procedures that need to be fulfilled such as screening of the tenant to ensure that he is the best fit for the tenancy and signing of the tenancy agreement and the inspection of the house.

It is important to perform inspection of the house before the tenant moves in. It is imperative to ensure that the condition of the house has been confirmed by both the landlord and the tenant and the same has been put in writing. The importance of the inspection is to ensure that the facility is in good condition and the building is safe for occupation. It is also used to resolve any conflicts that may be raised by either the landlord or tenant at a later date after occupation.

What do you need to perform this move-in inspection?

You need a well written list that details the condition of the house.  This list should be done in duplicate so that both the landlord and the tenant will each have copies for their records.

What is the content of an inspection list ?

An inspection list should contain the following items.

  1. Manager’s name or the landlord’s name.
  2. Tenant name.
  3. Address of the rental unit.
  4. Amount of the security deposit paid by the tenant.
  5. Date when the security deposit was paid.
  6. The date when the inspection was done.
  7. Signature fields for both the tenant and the landlord or manager.

It should then highlight the state of all the rooms by specifying the rooms i.e Kitchen, Bedroom, living room etc It should list all the facilities in the rooms and the fixtures. The following items can be included in the inspection checklist.

  1. The general cleanliness of the room.
  2. Sink.
  3. Counters.
  4. Light fixtures.
  5. Cabinets.
  6. Oven/ range.
  7. Outlets.
  8. Walls & ceilings.
  9. Windows.
  10. Floor.
  11. Shower.
  12. bathrooms.
  13. Heating system.
  14. Door locks
  15. fan / Ac

The inspection list should describe all the items/ equipments/ fixtures found in the house and the general state of the house.

How do you carry out the inspection?

At the time of the inspection it is highly advisable to carry the task in the presence of the tenant. Verify the condition of the house and check off the list after the tenant has confirmed the same. When you have finished both you and the tenant should sign and make sure to leave your tenant with his copy.

Make sure you keep your inspection list well in your records. At the time the tenant will be vacating, you can use the inspection list once again to confirm if the house is in good condition. The inspection list can be used to identify areas that will need repair or upgrade. It will also be used to determine if the tenant will be liable since you handed over the keys to him when the house was in good condition. Any matters or disputes arising, can be resolved using the inspection list as a reference.

If you don’t have an inspection list, go ahead and create one. If you don’t have one, you will find yourself making repairs which are tenant related hence you undergo some losses. An inspection list keeps such losses in check.

What items do you have on your inspection list ?



The Castle



Take a look at this Amazing 4 bedroom house English Castle right at the coastal sandy beach. Built in English castle style architecture simply spectacular! Set on 2 prime beachfront acres. 4 bedrooms all en suite with imported marble finishings. Spacious Windows that all have breathtaking ocean views. Entrance lounge that leads to a huge fireplace Upstairs living room with ocean view.

Windmill that maximizes energy to pump water Swimming pool overlooking the ocean. There is a private pathway that leads to the beach.



This Spectacular English Castle is located in the beautiful coastal town of Kilifi, Kenya.

Kilifi is 56 Kilometers northeast by road from Mombasa. The town lies on the Kilifi Creek and sits on the estuary of the Goshi River.

Kilifi town is known for its beautiful clean beaches and its richness in the mixed local Kenyan culture including Arabs and European settlers.

Kilifi is renowned for its tourist attractions such as Bofa Beach and Mnarani ruins.

The town is home to many beach and tourists resorts such as Kilifi Bay Beach, Bofa Beach Resort, Baobab Beach Resort, Mnarani Beach Club, Makuti Villas Resort, and Vipingo Ridge etc

The town has dozens of supermarkets and retail shops offering a wide range of products and services to shoppers.

Curio shops and open-air markets are found in every corner selling local products, vegetables, carving and artifacts.

There are also major banks such as Kenya Commercial bank, Equity bank, Barclays,Imperial bank,Post Bank and  Safaricom –Mpesa which is readily available.

Kilifi is also celebrated to have unique night spots and Nyama choma  joints that locals , tourists and visitors alike can hang out and have fun.

Fishing is also a major activity at the town including deap sea fishing and water sports.

The Local people of Kilifi are credited for their warmth and hospitality in welcoming visitors and making them feel at home.

Unique features of the English Castle

The English Castle is set on two prime beachfront acres.

Built with thick walls and over head towers .

Its architectural style is simply Victorian assuming the 19th century castle style built with a modern touch.

It has four great bedchambers (bedrooms) complete with own bathrooms fitted with imported floor & wall marbles, wall to wall mirrors ,modern sinks and quite spacious .

A great hall (living room) characterized by wide doors that have a full breathtaking view of the ocean and the swimming pool.

A huge fire place right at the center of the great hall.

A great Victorian kitchen fitted with its own kitchen store.

A huge underground wine cellar.

A games room / entertainment room.

A spiral stair case running down from the upper floor to the lower.

A study room.

A big family size swimming pool.

A private underground tunnel that opens up to the beach

Servant quarters
Expansive open grounds

Why you should buy

This Spectacular castle can make an amazing home for you and your family providing warm, comfort away from the bustle and hustle of the city.


You can turn this unique property into a life time investment that can bring you and your family attractive returns .How can you do this?

You can create a holiday home and market it as such. People can be able to book weekends and holiday gateways.

Its exquisite grounds can be marketed for wedding photo sessions, wedding reception, private and company parties.

A menu ala carte restaurant can be created, the great hall can provide a beautiful place that guests can be able to sit, dine, wine and enjoy as they face the sea.

The private beach can be used for water games and sports that visitors will enjoy greatly.

This exquisite property is sold exclusively by Spectacular Living International.

For more details and pricing calls us on +254 722 874438/ +254 724 317822

Email: spectacularliving@live.com

Let’s have a closer look

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Moonbeam Court

Spectacular Living International is proud to present this remarkable gated community.

Right at the center of Serena, Shanzu in the suburbs of Mombasa, Kenya, lies a new estate for sale. Surrounded by 5 star beach hotels, clean beaches and fresh air from the unpolluted nature around it, this place is a perfect, cool serene, secure environment ideal for families.

Located approximately 13 km from Mombasa town and 10 minutes from major shopping centers in Nyali and Mtwapa, Moonbeam court provides an ideal residential place away from the bustle and hustle of the city.

The court is comprised of 5 bedrooms semi detached mansions. Each on its own compound. The houses have been immaculately finished with state of the art tiles, and woodwork. The interior of the houses is exquisite creating a warm homely atmosphere.The rooms are spacious providing lots of space for use.
Each bedroom, livingroom and kitchen has wall to wall wardrobes and cupboards providing storage space.
There is  a laundry area, an entertainment room, and a back yard where families can hold barbecues.


Moonbeam court provides a private, peaceful location for residential and it is well equipped with alluring facilities. A family size shared swimming pool that is perched on grounds that families can be able to relax with friends. The homes are equipped with solar heating system. A generator, ample parking and fibre optic.
These spectacular homes are located 3 minutes walk to the beach.
The homes are ready for occupation. Units for sale from Ksh. 20M.
To book your unit today call our offices
+254 722 874438, +254 713 461280, +254 743 552400
or email: spectacularliving@live.com



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